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Lakovny - EKOL Ledeč nad Sázavou
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is a manufacturer and supplier of surface finishing plants. Deliveries are preferably oriented towards these areas:

  • painting shops (powder, electrophoretic, liquid paints) electroplating plants
  • surface pretreatment equipment
  • technological media recycling equipment 
  • industrial wastewater treatment stations
  • membrane separation equipment
  • control of technological processes 
  • powder colours KABE práškové barvy KABE

Provides comprehensive deliveries and services:

  • definition of the surface treatment technology 
  • design
  • supply ASO Humpolec Inc., manufacturing and assembling company
  • assembly
  • commissioning
  • training of the operators
  • guarantee and after-guarantee service 


  • is an EN ISO 9001 – certified company. The certificate was issued by SGA International Services AG Zürich, SGS Group member (the auditing preceded)
  • was established in 1992 by a group of surface - treatment specialists whose experience goes back more than 20 years
  • manufactures its products in ASO Humpolec Inc. where it is in the position of the main shareholder
  • recently employs about 30 qualified experts
  • has a good position on the Czech and Slovak market and has successfully carried out
  •  deliveries for leading automotive companies abroad (among others DaimlerChrysler-Mercedes Benz, Tenneco Monroe, Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, Giad Sudan, Siemens Mohelnice, MAZ Minsk Belarus, SATURN Rybinsk Russia), has experience with deliveries to Europe, in Russia, Belarus and in Africa
  • to perform extensive deliveries it is ready to establish and run the supplier’s consortium with the cooperating companies which offer further design facilities
  • is situated in the central part of the Czech Republic near Prague - Brno highway


Certifikace SGS ISO 9001

EKOL - zařízení pro povrchové úpravy
EKOL s.r.o., Marie Majerové 1152, CZ 584 01 Ledeč nad Sázavou
Tel.: + 420 569 721 303, 721 179; Fax: + 420 569 721 313; E-mail:

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