Surface treatment equipment

Supplier and manufacurer of surface treatment equipment

Surface treatment equipment

Projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America

Surface treatment equipment

More than 25 years of experience in the field.


We specialize in supplying the following equipment:

  •  painting lines (powder coating lines, electrophoretic coating lines, painting lines with liquid paint)
  •  electroplating lines
  •  equipment for surface pretreatment
  •  Equipment for recycling of technology bathes
  •  wastewater treatment stations for industry effluent
  •  Equipment for membrane separation technique
  •  Control of technology processies
  •  powder paint made by KABE

We provide complex solutions and services:

  •  determination of surface treatment technology
  •  project
  •  delivery
  •  assembly
  •  commissioning
  •  operator training
  •  warranty and post-warranty service