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Siemens s.r.o., Mohlenice, Impregnation line for stator bundles of electric motors

About the project

Automatic dipping Impregnation line for stator bundles of electric motors. The technological steps are fulfilled step by step in this line. The line consists of loading station, dipping tank, dripping zone, drying oven 1, drying oven 2, cooling zone and unloading station with buffer.

The operator loads the stator bundles on loading bar of transportation system. He chooses the program of impregnation. After confirmation by operator the loading bar start the technological process.

The dipping is made with help of lift station that very slowly dip the stator bundles into the impregnating varnish. In dipping tank, we have steady state level of impregnating varnish. The impregnation varnish must be continuously agitated, filtered and steady state temperature must be kept by heating or cooling.

The dropping of excess of impregnating varnish occurs at dripping position next to dipping tank.

After dripping of excess of impregnating varnish the parts are transported into drying oven 1 and subsequently to drying oven 2. The drying process occurs in two steps at two different temperatures. The heating of both drying ovens is made with help of thermal oxidizing unit.

The cooling zone has external cooling unit in order to cool down the circulating air inside of cooling zone. In this technological step the stator bundles are cooled down to necessary manipulation temperature.

The Power and Free conveyor system is responsible for the transport of the part inside of line. This transportation system allows the technological steps to be quite flexible as it is requested by technology of impregnation.