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About the project

Manually operated painting shop for heavy parts. The painting shop consist of several chambers where following technological steps take place : shot blasting, cleaning and phosphating, painting and drying.

Shot blasting chamber is dedicated for manual pneumatic shot blasting. The chamber is equipped with pneumatic shot blasting gun, floor conveyor for transport of shot blasting material, unit for separation and cleaning of shot blasting material.  The operator is responsible for the quality of shot blasting.

Chamber of high pressure cleaning and phosphating is made from sandwich panels. Inner surface of chamber is made from stainless steel material. Concrete floor is covered by chemical resistance lining and it is sloped to center with collection tank. The floor is covered by walking grid. The operator is spraying with high pressure wand chemical bath that is making cleaning and phosphating at the same time. The cleaning is followed by rinsing. The accessories of high pressure cleaning chamber is responsible for recirculation of cleaning/phosphating bath as well as for separation of free floating oil and mechanical impurities. The rinse water is separated from cleaning bath and it is pumped to wastewater treatment station for the treatment.

Spray booths is made from sandwich panels. It is equipped with air make up unit and air exhaust unit. The air make up unit is responsible for filtration and heating of input air. The exhaust unit with help of rotary heat exchanger is responsible for recovery of waste heat from exhausted air. The medium used for the heating is steam. Input of air is made via celling. The exhaust of air is made via floor where three layer dry filtration system is installed. In order to lover concentration of VOC in exhausted air the active carbon is used. Lighting is provided by illumination tubes.

Drying oven is also made from heat insulated sandwich panels. The steam of temperature 180-220°C is used as a heating medium. The drying oven is equipped with circulation fan and heat exchanger. The air from inside of drying oven is sucked in heating chamber and after the heating of air is distributed via floor to all volume of drying oven. The temperature is control by control system.

 The parts are transported in/out of chamber with help of trolley and rails. In front of chambers is movable platform that is responsible for transport of trolley loaded with parts from one chamber to the other. The operator only choose the chamber where the movable platform should move and this motion is made automatically. The transport of trolleys in/out of chamber is made manually.

Painting shop for small parts consist of spray booth and drying oven. The transport is made by manually operated overhead conveyor and loading bars. There is also buffer zone for loading bars. The heating is again made by steam.