Types of painting shops based on coatings

  • powder coating (using powder paint)
  • liquid paintings (using solvent- or water-based paint)
  • electrophoretic (using anaphoretic or cataphoretic coating material)

Means of transport of painted parts distinguish:

  • manual painting shop
  • mechanized painting shop
  • stop and go painting lines
  • continuous painting lines

The following factors can determine the choice of the type of the painting line:

  • capacity
  • size of painted parts
  • room size

Depending on coating method, we divide the painting lines into:

  • dipping
  • manual application
  • automatic application
  • robotic application

We supply the painting lines as technological units with surface pretreatment, paint coating, drying or curing of coating materials and subsequent cooling of the parts. These technological units may include other facilities for the preparation of process water, wastewater treatment, waste air treatment. For stop and go and continuous lines, transport systems (manually operated, monorail or power and free conveyor, etc.) are also included in the delivery.

The main emphasis in our solutions is on minimizing operating costs, mainly by recovering residual waste heat for technological heating.

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