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Automatic flow wastewater treatment station for industry wastewater. Wastewater is accumulated in three separate buffer tanks. Wastewater is divided into alkali concentrates, acidic concentrates and alkali/acidic rinsing wastewater. All three sources of wastewaters are pumped under control to first flow reactor. In this reactor the deemulgation of oily emulsion accure. Therefor we control the pH in this reactor that must be  pH < 3. The wastewater overflow from first flow reactor to second flow reactor. In the second reactor we precipitate iron and some anoints with help of lime milk. After precipitation the wastewater overflow to flow sludge separator. In sludge separator we continuously separate sludge that is pumped in sludge buffer tank and from here to filter press for final dewatering of sludge. The clear water from flow sludge separator overflow to flow reactor for adjustment of pH suitable for discharge. The wastewater prior to discharge is passing through the final mechanical filtration. Right before the discharge the pH is again checked. The complete wastewater treatment station is control by control system and visualized with help of SCADA software.