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Automatic continuous powder coating line. The pretreatment line is designed like passing spraying washing machine with possibility to use nanotechnology, it means alkali or acidic cleaning followed by passivation with rinsing. The concentration of chemical agents in cleaning tank and passivation is controlled automatically with help of pH or conductivity measurement and dosing pumps. Water dry-off oven is also passing and it is using direct heating principle. Powder spray booth is located in clean room in order to control the temperature and cleanliness for powder paint application. Powder spray booth delivered by company Nordson is made from plastic antistatic sandwich panels. Together with cyclone and after filter used for separation of overspray powder paint allow us to make quick color change. Automatic as well as manual powder spray guns use HDLV technology for powder paint supply. This technology allows repeatable and very precise application of powder paint. Curing of powder paint occurs in passing curing oven with indirect heating system. After curing operation the cooling of parts take place. All parts of powder coating line are connected with monorail overhead conveyor that is responsible for transport of parts. We use in maximum way recovery of waste heat in order to heat up incoming air via air make up unit. This feature minimize running cost of powder coating line. The powder coating line is control by control system together with SCADA system and archive of technological data.